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Karla Duver§a


Kimberly Duver§a and Karla Duver§a are the main characters in the first two seasons of the series Special Sisters, also named Kosas da §ermanas (Teremedó) or Coisas de irmãs (Portugal), created by Dýmapko. They live in Bàrcinon, capital of the planet Teremedó, but people consider them as "special girls" and it's not defined if they are teremedosians or humans.

Kimberly Duver§a

Kimberly Duver§a Sariṭe Makġi is the older sister of the two Duver§a sisters. She studied at the School Traball of Bàrcinon (Ketalània) in Teremedó, with her sister Karla, attends seventh course of "primary". She is 17 years old when the series begins. When she meets Admiral of Earth, Josep Maria, she falls in love with him.

Karla Duver§a

Karly Duver§a Sariṭe Makġi, know as Karla, is the younger sister of the two Duver§a sisters. She studied at the School Traball of Bàrcinon (Ketalània) in Teremedó, with her sister Kimberly, attends "PƐ" course. She usually wears glasses at school. She is 10 years old when the series begins.

Season 1

1: Two Special Girls

Kimberly and Karla first appear in episode 1 (Two Special Girls), when Kimberly is going with her friends from school Traball of Bàrcinon until she meets with Karla. Some friends of Kimberly say the Pulá building offers tickets to an inauguration of a starship, on November 21st. Karla insists on going, and Kimberly accepts. In Pulá, a man looks at the girls and he is surprised by their skin color, but Karla says they are teremedosians like everyone else. An official says that the girls have been invited especially by Admiral 19, and that the inauguration will be on November 21st from 3 to 4 am. He also tells them that on the following day to the inauguration they won't go to class and they will take the opportunity to sleep and rest.

At the inauguration, Kimberly and Karla start making a tour on the ship, along with the other guests, with an officer who guides them. When the visit ends, admiral of the Earth, 19, approaches the girls. He comes and presents them his girlfriend İhi, and he says he has given them tickets because he wanted to know them, because they are special in Teremedó by their skin color. Later, 19 gives the girls two intercoms of Federation Starfleet, he teaches them how to work these intercoms and says that they can communicate with him when they will.

2: Visiting A Hotel

Karla is accepted to go with Kimberly on a trip to the twin building of the school, the hotel Kasa Tot. When they arrive at the hotel after a trip with STK, the two girls know Jordy Kúdigy, responsible for the hotel. But Jordy reveals that he's also a Federation Starfleet officer that works also in the hotel and offers girls to join Federation Starfleet, but they rejected the offer saying that prefer to stay as simple citizens.

Jordy explains to students how the hotel works, and as a special treat, take the two girls to a platform flying over the hotel, where they can see a great part of the country. When the visit ends, the girls go to park Bàrcinon, and talk about going to Earth, but they need a plan and until now they will be "simple citizens", as they said to Jordy.

3: Great Joke

On holidays and the snow-covered city, Karla makes a joke to Kimberly and Kimberly is covered with snow on the street near her home. Kimberly decides to return the joke to Karla, and discover on her computer than on Earth today, December 28th, is a day where humans make jokes, and the festival is called "The Innocents' Day". Their parents also say that there is a more important festival on Earth called "Christmas", but is celebrated differently in each region of Earth.

Kimberly gets to think at a plan to take revenge on Karla, which consists of using a hologram and make Karla believe that the boy she is in love with him, is in danger and asks for help. Karla goes to the tracks of a tramway where he believes the boy is trapped, but discovers that he's a hologram and behind there it's a snowman and Karla is covered with snow just like her sister before. And Karla can't to tell their parents about the joke because they don't know she's in love with a boy, and would reveal a secret. And the two girls go home.

4: Follow Your Way

First appears Kimberly and Karla watching the television about the launch of the ship FEF 09. 10 days later, Kimberly is working in her room and she don't let Karla see her work. Karla angry. The two girls go to the Kasa Tot hotel to talk with Jordy, but he isn't there. Kimberly then takes the Federation Starfleet object which projects holograms, and Karla says that this object can also make people invisible. The two girls become invisible and enter in Jordy's office to investigate. And here Kimberly recalls an old saying: "Follow your way".

The two girls enter in Jordy's office, and find a portal. After crossing this portal, they are in a room with high-tech instruments. And Jordy is in this room that says this is highly secret and they can't tell anyone about this room. Jordy then explains to the girls that this room is a secret room belonging to the Federation Starfleet, and from here Jordy has control of several things, some with permission from the mayor of Bàrcinon. The mayor will give to Jordy everything he want if necessary for the Federation Starfleet, and also from here Jordy contact with Earth.

When they return home, the two girls go to the underground, but the train stops in the tunnel. Kimberly has the idea of asking for help to the passengers and using telekinesis to make the train arrives at the next stop. People use telekinesis, and the train leaves the tunnel and get to the next stop. The two girls leave the metro and take the bus to get home. Kimberly is very quiet, and at the end of the episode, she goes to her room and shut the door so that nobody can enter, take the project to be done for school and smiles.

5: The Girl You Must Be

Kimberly is in a swimming pool of the building Kasa da ľaiġua with his class on a field trip, and she is swimming fast. Kimberly's friend tells her that maybe can go slower, and then Kimberly out of the water to know what time is it. Her friend looks at her, and told that her skin color is dark and she isn't "the girl she must be". Kimberly remembers when at the inauguration of ship FEF 09 ship some people thought she and Karla were from Earth, and later Karla finds Kimberly worried about being different and not being "the girl she must be". Kimberly and Karla go home and ask their parents why they're different, and their parents say they haven't to worry. In a class of hypnotism and mind-meld, Kimberly can't concentrate and let the class. She goes with Karla, and the two decide to look about her past records at City Hall with the holograms projector object to become invisible.

Kimberly and Karla discover a very surprising thing, but accidentally they're seen through the screens of the security guards, who call their parents to take out their daughters from City Hall. Kimberly says she has discovered one thing that their parents hadn't told them: Kimberly and Karla have a different DNA to their parents, despite being formed in the womb of their mother, and DNA doesn't correspond to a teremedosian. Their father says it looks like an impossible mix of human DNA with very strong teremedosian characteristics that produce them having great powers. It's not a case of hybrids, their DNA is human but they have characteristics in the DNA that produce the source of their teremedosian powers and their powers are the strongest known. But the girls have to live a normal life like teremedosians, and different DNA need not be a problem for them.

Kimberly again has a class of hypnotism and mind-meld where now she can concentrate well. Kimberly spends her friend an image of a pool, and proposes to go to the pool on Saturday including Karla. In the pool, the three girls make a competition and win Kimberly, and Kimberly tells her friend that if she wishes, she may slow down, but she must take into account that if she does this, she'll let her win. The three girls laugh.

6: Since You're Unique

Karla tells Kimberly that she will work with the boy she is in love with, and if all goes well, she'll ask him dating. Kimberly tells her that now she knows how to make plans. Karla brings her classmate home, and their parents offer them help. Karla and her classmate have to represent a molecule of atoms with balls and sticks to unite the balls. But Karla stares at her classmate because she is in love with him, and she isn't concentrated. Kimberly parents ask if that boy is Karla's boyfriend, and Kimberly says no. Parents say they have observed the way Karla looks at her classmate, and it shows that she loves him. Kimberly says that's true, but neither she nor Karla don't know if the boy corresponds to this feeling. In Karla's room, she looks the instructions and finishes the job quickly in a few seconds. The boy tells Karla he's surprised, and says: "Since you're unique". Karla inadvertently says: "Your face is so cute…" and the boy blushes and reveals that corresponds to her feeling and kisses her. Outside, their parents tell Kimberly that doesn't get into the affairs of her sister. Karla and the boy finish the work, the boy says goodbye to Karla and the others, and Karla just shakes her hand and says nothing. Kimberly doesn't understand what's going on.

The next day, in the Traball school, Kimberly sees Karla grab the hand of her classmate, and the two are talking and are laughing. Kimberly goes to her classroom, and talks with her friend. The friend says Kimberly she believes that Karla is dating a boy, but she isn't certain. Later, outside the classroom, Karla reveals to Kimberly that her work has the maximum score, and her co-worker is now her boyfriend. Karla is very happy and informs her parents about her boyfriend. Her parents congratulate her daughter about having a boyfriend, and Karla says they will go to a dinner on Saturday night. Her parents agree, but say Karla she must return home before 22h. Karla tells her sister that she has a boyfriend before Kimberly and Kimberly says that maybe she isn't so lucky with love, and in this Karla wins.

On Saturday, Karla will dinner with her boyfriend in a restaurant. His parents tell Karla if she is prepared for a dinner in a restaurant alone without any adult, since she only is 10 years old. Karla says if they have a problem, she'll call them. Kimberly tells her sister to enjoy dinner. Karla's boyfriend comes home and takes Karla's hand and the couple go out. In the restaurant, Karla and her boyfriend start dinning, and both are enjoying their meeting together. Karla explains things to her boyfriend, and she asks him if he has any interest in learning about the Earth. Her boyfriend replied that he had always been interested in the strange and different things. Karla and her boyfriend ends dinning and Karla said to have enjoyed this moment, and her boyfriend says the same thing, kisses her and say goodbye. Karla returns home, where Kimberly tells her sister that she has been in Pulá with an unknown feeling, and there was Admiral 19. Karla asks what he said, and Kimberly says they've been talking about the discoveries of the past months since they met, and he knows that they have the projector holograms. Karla asked if he was angry about this, and Kimberly says no, but it seems Admiral 19 knows a lot about them. Then Karla says it has been a good meeting, and agreed to dinner another day. At night, Kimberly gets a call from Admiral 19, who tells Kimberly that whenever she wishes to talk to him, she can call him. Kimberly agrees. At the end, on bed, Karla says softly "I love you…" thinking about her boyfriend, and begins sleeping.

7: Do Whatever You Want

In one of Kimberly's classes, a noise is heard from the speakers, and then the teacher says that classes are suspended and they can do what they want. Kimberly goes out of the classroom, and meets up with Karla who says her teacher has also said the same. The two will talk to principal of school, but he says the same and gives them permission to return home. The girls say that if they be so the next day, they'll communicate it to Jordy. At home, Kimberly and Karla talk to their parents, and they let them stay at home. They go to Kimberly's room, and Kimberly teaches to Karla a portal, using another object stolen from the Federation Starfleet, and she tells her that she accidentally activated it a few days ago, but she doesn't know what happened. Karla wants to turn back, but Kimberly says that now isn't the time.

The next day, the two girls found the same situation at school. Kimberly and Karla go to the hotel to talk with Jordy, and there Jordy explains that a few days ago a portal between normal universe and a parallel universe near the school for some unknown reason opened, and maybe someone has come out of the portal. Kimberly says they knew nothing, which is a lie. Then they discover that Karla's boyfriend is there, and he says he wanted to see Kasa Tot building and has seen Kimberly and Karla talking about strange things, and wanted to hear what they were saying. All will explain what happens. Jordy says Federation Starfleet can't do anything because the principal has been programmed to detect Admiral 19 and his team and to prohibit their entrance, but Kimberly and Karla could enter without problems. The girls accept, and Karla's boyfriend must stay in Kasa Tot. Jordy gives Kimberly and Karla few suits and phaser pistols if problems arise, and teleports them to the entrance of the school. The girls manage to make their mission with their powers and destroy the object. All back to normal, and the principal orders the girls to leave his office.

The two girls return to Kasa Tot, but near the door of the hotel is Karla's boyfriend, who says that a man has kidnapped Jordy and led him into a car, and he has seen it but he has been saved because he was hidden. But then appears Jordy, saying that everything is fine and there is no problem. Karla's boyfriend doesn't know what has happened and doesn't understand anything. Karla asks Jordy what happened, but Jordy is acting very strangely and says to the three kids that they should return to their homes. Karla's boyfriend says his parents are waiting for him, he kisses Karla and tells her to find out what happened with Jordy and how he has seen him kidnapped and then he's well again. Karla responds that they should return to their homes. And at home, Karla says he is certain that something is wrong with Jordy, and he possibly was kidnapped as he said her boyfriend and Jordy who have seen is a double. Kimberly says they'll discover another day what happened, but now they must rest.

8: Are You Really You?

Kimberly and Karla find Jordy and tell him he's not the real Jordy, and he comes from another universe. The false Jordy tries to make girls forget that they know this, but the two girls are transported back to their home to escape. Kimberly says they have to activate the portal. A portal appears at the door of their house. Kimberly tells her parents that they'll return as soon as possible, and they haven't to worry. The two girls cross the portal and appear in a starship in space, which is traveling to somewhere they don't know. A man walks near them and notes them, and then shouts: "Terrans! Red alert!" and sounds alert begin to sound on the ship, and two people come and capture the girls. When Kimberly sees their faces, she sees that they're parents, who take girls to what looks like the control room by order of their boss, and the ship is directed by Jordy. He tells the girls that he was waiting for them, and explains that he's in a secret operation to know more about the counterpart of Admiral 19, Yusma, that here he's evil. The girls have to pretend to be "Terran prisoners". Jordy says that in this universe, humans are called Terrans and are under the command of a savage and sadistic empire. They have to simulate that they escaped to Earth and take the portal back to their home. And he makes a gesture of greeting that they have to imitate if they find guards. Kimberly and Karla accept, and they think it will be fun. Jordy says his counterpart will stay there and he'll think that the real Jordy has captured. But when he doesn't expect, he'll make an exchange and their place will be changed.

Yusma contacts with Jordy, and Jordy says he was a prisoner but escaped. Yusma says he'll be responsible and closes the transmission. On Earth, Karla says they are on Earth, but Kimberly says this is not the real Earth. The two girls find a tape recording, and a message that says they must see this recording when they will be home again, and it's important. The girls cross the portal, and Jordy sees the place on Earth where was the portal explodes, and all the guards there die. Jordy sends a message to Yusma saying that the prisoners are dead, and then says with bated breath that he hopes the girls are out of danger. At home of the girls, they enter in Kimberly's room, and are already in the normal universe. The girls begin to see the recording from the computer, and in the recording is Admiral 19 who explains that Yusma is his evil counterpart in a parallel universe called Mirror Universe, where everything is duplicated but with reverse personalities, and in that universe Teremedó was destroyed and there are only a few teremedosians who have survived.

After recording Jordy appears saying that they must act with Jordy who is now at the hotel Kasa Tot as if he were the real Jordy, and that no one should know that they know so much about Federation Starfleet or they will be captured, because in the Mirror Universe their laws are based on evil and betrayal. The recording ends, and then Kimberly says they'll send holograms of they two to Jordy's counterpart to make Jordy erase their memories, but they actually will be safe because they'll be at home. At hotel Kasa Tot, the holograms of Kimberly and Karla appear and move Jordy's things. Jordy's counterpart take the object with the spiral and erases the memory of the holograms, and the holograms leave. The girls laugh, and Karla says they won. Kimberly says there's still one more thing she has done, the object with the spiral of Jordy's counterpart has a duplicate item which she has, and she shows it. She then says that she has just created a duplicate in the house to make copies at Gerûmdanon where she beamed before.

Season 2

1 (9): Once Again In a Starship

It has been over a year since Kimberly and Karla were aboard a starship of the Mirror Universe, where Jordy informed them that there is currently a double in the Kasa Tot Hotel. So far, the two sisters haven't had any adventure not "normal". Kimberly is 18 years old and will soon be 19, and Karla is 12 and her relationship with her boyfriend goes on. However, the two girls still want to find a way to visit the Earth. Kimberly is a little jealous because her sister already has a boyfriend and she hasn't yet boyfriend, although she is the older sister. Suddenly, an officer of the Federation Starship who serves on the ship of Admiral of Earth comes to the house of the girls, and asks for their help saying that they're the only people who can help them. The girls agree. Two days later, Kimberly and Karla go aboard the ship FEF 09, and Commander Pumiky and Lieutenant Commander Ann McGregor say they're concerned about the Admiral and a new threat: a very dangerous person from the Mirror Universe, the Regent Andrea Campos, is seeking revenge against Federation Starship.

Pumiky says that 21 is worried because according to him, it seems he's changing. After two months without hearing from him, 21 again contacted them saying that Andrea is somehow inside her mind and can know everything he thinks, that is, if they make a plan, he can't know it. He also said that he didn't want to worry them, but Andrea is dangerous and 21 is her main objective, and that is why he has decided to monitor his movements. However, 21 didn't respond to calls from Federation Starfleet's officers when they wanted to congratulate him. Then Kimberly says that Admiral 21 isn't like that, they know him very well and are sure that he knows what he's doing. Pumiky asks Kimberly and Karla to look for Admiral 21 when he is on Teremedó, since he also knows him and knows that he'll one day visit his own planet.

At home, Kimberly explains that she isn't sure but thinks she's in love with Admiral 21, but her love is impossible because Admiral 21 is too important. Then she asks her father not to say anything to Karla, since it will destabilize the mission which Federation Starfleet gave them if Karla knew it. And without knowing anything, aboard the ship FEF 09, Pumiky is hearing everything, waits for Kimberly to be asleep, and then teleports her aboard the FEF 09 and wakes her up. On board the ship 09, Pumiky says he heard her say that she's in love with 21, and informs her that she's lucky, because last summer she broke her relationship with İhi Kadse and now he's feeling alone. Kimberly smiles. The next day, Kimberly is happy because 21 is no longer with İhi Kadse, the relationship ended almost a year ago, and goes to the beach thinking that her love for him could be realized.

2 (10): The Objective of An Action

Kimberly has been chosen to enter into a reality show, and will be in a house in Tobakêt (Frànnia) where cameras record everything that happens. Kimberly is very happy with this. Since Tobakêt is near Bàrcinon, the two girls and Karla's boyfriend discovered a secret facilities of the Federation Starfleet in the mountains near Tarràkonon, where they enter without permission and discover things they shouldn't know.

On one of the screens, Kimberly finds written "Original timeline". Kimberly touches one of the buttons on that screen, and they see images of a story where they don't exist, and Admiral 21 has another life in which he doesn't break his relationship with İhi Kadse and marries her, and one of his two children is named Dany who will be a great time traveler. When they see this, all the screens are turned off, the lights also turn off, red laser lights appear and alarm noises are heard: they've been detected. The girls go directly to the exit, but they find the door closed. But Kimberly still has her own teleporter, teleports Karla home, and teleports herself back into the house of the reality show. But the director discovers the absence of Kimberly, however Kimberly gives him an excuse and the director suspects nothing…

3 (11): Three Entities and Their Owners

Inquiring further, the girls want to enter again in the secret facilities of the Federation Starfleet. This time, Karla goes alone and Kimberly remains on the house of the reality show. But Karla informs Kimberly that there is an officer who is controlling the entrance, because since the sisters entered without authorization, the protection of that secret facilities was increased to avoid new intrusions. Kimberly suggests using Karla's boyfriend's help, because at school he's the best hypnotist and can telepathically control anyone. Karla waits for the Starfleet officer to let her enter, but suddenly the officer falls asleep to the ground.

When she gets in, she looks for information about the original timeline, but finds nothing about it. However, she discovers another thing: there are three entities called "frequencies", "consciences" and "innocences" which are part of the origin of the universe. And these three entities have their own owners, important people in history who have the power to control part of space-time. The officer wakes up and Karla teleports to Kimberly's house, but the manager tells Karla that Kimberly is busy. Then Karla uses a stolen identity card of Federation Starfleet, and when they're alone, she tells Kimberly her new discovery. They do a mind meld, and Kimberly wants to return to that secret facilities anyway. This time, Karla asks her boyfriend to take the control of the manager of the reality show, and he grants the exit of the house. In the secret facilities of the Federation Starfleet, the officer is still there, but with a helmet to prevent being controlled by someone again. Kimberly has another idea to enter: to use "alaktrímeda". These are rays that weaken the one who receives them. Karla says that's not healthy, but Kimberly says they have no choice, that is, they have to use force if they want to enter there. Karla says she doesn't want to throw rays, but Kimberly says if they don't do it together, it won't work. Karla agrees, and the two sisters combine their powers of "alaktrímeda", and the officer remains unconscious. Karla asks if he'll wake up, and Kimberly says yes.

Inside the Federation Starfleet facilities, the two sisters are looking for information about the alternative timeline, and find that the timeline on which they are now is already an altered timeline, since in April 2011 a race named "Sulibans" altered the history by changing a person from Earth who is also curiously named Kimberly, and then they see much more important information: in the original timeline, they don't exist! How is that possible? The girls don't know the answer, but they're ready to find it anyway, and maybe they'll have to enter one more time in this place to find information about their origin. But now they can't stay because the officer is waking up, and in addition Karla reminds her sister that she has to go back to the reality house. But Karla will take care of the officer and erase his memory so he doesn't remember them or remember the attack. In the end, in an unknown place, a Starfleet officer tells another that they have to remove all things from the mountain facilities and destroy it, to prevent Duver§a sisters from discovering more secret things.

4 (12): The Trip

While Kimberly goes on a trip with the team of the home of he reality TV to Parit (capital of "Frànnia"), Karla informs her sister that she'll also make a trip with her school course to Mardit (capital of "Espània") and then to Librit (capital of "Portugània"). Kimberly made Karla's trip when she was 12, and already visited these two towns. However, Karla didn't been in Parit, and is jealous. Karla visits Madrit and Librit with all her classmates (among them, her boyfriend), and Kimberly visits Parit. Kimberly relaxes because on the trip to Parit there aren't cameras watching her. And Kimberly is one of the privileged who also travel to the south of the country Frànnia.

When they came back to Bàrcinon, Kimberly, Karla and Karla's boyfriend made another visit to the secret facilities. But they discover that all was destroyed, and all the technological devices have been removed. Karla suggests forgetting that information, but Kimberly wants to know more because she feel that Admiral 21 wants them to know it. Karla gets surprised because her sister "felt" anything about Admiral 21, and asks her if they did a mind meld. However, Kimberly says no. Meanwhile, in the house of the reality show, the manager contacts with someone who tells him that Kimberly and Karla are the people they're searching for. Then Yusma appears, and orders the manager to control Kimberly's movements. At the end, Yusma tells Mirror Universe's İhi Kadse that they must prevent this information from reaching the hands of Regent Andrea, Mirror Universe's İhi says that surely she already knows it but doesn't want to do anything yet.

5 (13): The Shit of the Ass

Kimberly receives a call from an unknown source, and says that her director is a spy who is working to Yusma from Mirror Universe, and he's looking for her and her sister Karla. Meanwhile, in a secret place, the director contact Yusma and Yusma says he have to expel Kimberly from the reality show, and then says he has to do one more time a mental fusion with the Regent Andrea to get more information. Later at home, Kimberly is with her bags, and tells Karla that she has been out of reality TV project.

Kimberly, Karla and Karla's boyfriend must work together to solve this problem, and because Admiral 21 trusts in them. Kimberly and Karla's parents will also help their daughters. Karla's boyfriend proposes to return to Kasa Tot Hotel to talk with Jordy, because they have not been there for some time. In Jordy's office, a woman tells them that Jordy is sick and she is replacing him for now. Kimberly doesn't believe his sickness, and proposes to enter in Jordy's office to investigate. They tell the woman that they're Jordy's friends, and once inside, they three want to use the secret transporter, but all the advanced devices were removed. There are only papers about the hotel. Kimberly thinks that the only chance to discover what's happening is to go on Earth, and tells also that the enemy knows they're helping the Federation Starfleet.

At the house of the reality show, the manager is talking with Yusma, when suddenly an excrement (a shit) appears on the table of his office, teleported. Yusma tells him that this excrement was teleported by Regent Andrea and is a bomb, but it's too later: the house is destroyed and all the contestants of the reality show die. The two sisters think that this explosion was caused indirectly by them, because they're involved with the Federation Starfleet. In a dream, Kimberly sees a lot of excrements and a brunette girl: the Regent Andrea. She wakes up, it was a premonition. She tells the dream to Karla, and in the morning, the real Jordy contacts them telling that he was the one who tell that the director of the house was a spy, and asks them to go abord his ship. There, Jordy wants to return to his hotel, but asks them to infiltrate in Pulá and get information about the three entities of the Universe, and about the original timeline. And the most important: how to travel back in time until the moment in which the history was altered and correct it, because in this timeline millions of people are dead by Regent Andrea and others. The sisters tell him that in the original timeline they don't exist, and Jordy tells he didn't know it, but he'll find why. The two girls return home.

6 (14): Get Out of Here!

Jordy is expelled from the Federation Starfleet, but the girls had a mission to Pulá, the starbase of the Federation Starfleet on planet Teremedó. There, the girls are trapped in a time bubble and the time is stopped. All the people are frozen in time. When they go out of Pulá to the street, they find another problem: their bodies are disappearing… Kimberly and Karla come back to Pulá, but they can't remember the room they were in. Walking around the building, they discover a big room with ship FEF 09, and Pumiky and Ann are also frozen in time. When they find the room they were in for the first time, the computer is also frozen. They use the time machine in Pulá, although they should not do so because the time machine is dangerous, and after setting a date they see pictures of the Universe's history, until they arrive at a room with many Starfleet officers. Kimberly tells them that Jordy gave them a mission in Pulá, and the officers say that Jordy no longer belongs to the Federation Starfleet. Kimberly apologizes, and a Starfleet officer says: "I forgive you, but only because it's about you".

The girls don't know why Jordy no longer belongs to the Federation Starfleet, so they have to talk personally with Jordy in Kasa Tot Hotel. In the hotel, Jordy tells the girls that he didn't tell the Starfleet officers in Pulá about his actions because Admiral 21 asked for it. Jordy says the girls that before doing a travel on Earth, they must talk with Admiral 21, and they'll find him in Bàrcinon's new holodeck. The girls agree, and Jordy says they two are the only hope for the Federation Starfleet and they're the only people who can grant pleasant future for Admiral 21. The girls are happy because they finally will go to Earth. When the sisters have gone, Jordy says: "I already know why you don't have counterparts in the Mirror Universe neither in the original timeline… But I can't tell you the reason for this until the time comes"… At home, Kimberly and Karla are ready to go to Earth. Their parents alert them that Earth is more dangerous than Teremedó, and Karla's boyfriend will come too. In the trip they'll visit three human countries, and before going to Barcelona (Admiral's city) they'll visit a city named Lisbon, because they speak Portuguese there, and the girls speak this language becuase it's also spoken in Portugània, a Teremedosian country.

7 (15): Earth, Part I

On November 6th at the evening, in a nightclub, 21 is dancing with a girl named Sandra López, and he's enjoying. At one point during the meeting, 21 and Sandra kiss. Then a voice says: "Can I tell you one thing?" and 21 says: "End program", he was in a holodeck of Bàrcinon. 21 goes out of the holodeck, and there's Kimberly Duver§a who wants to talk to him. She tells him she's going to go to Earth, because they got a permit, and 21 says he has some problems and therefore he decided to watch what he does and also says Federation Starfleet is unstable, in a similar way to the Earth governments. And he says that Regent Andrea is dangerous, and she wants revenge against all the planets of the FEF and others who work with them. The only planet which isn't being attacked is Teremedó, without knowing the reason. Kimberly asks if they can help, and 21 says that if they could help, he will communicate them. And he wishes Kimberly good trip.

After speaking with Admiral 21, the girls go to Earth because they have passages which allow them to take the STK trains and travel to Earth. They go out of the train in the first station on Earth, in a city named Lisbon, Portugal. And they see a human city, different. Meanwhile, in one place, Yusma says, "You've arrived". In Lisbon, the three are lost, and do not know what they can do. Kimberly asks in a shop where is the STK train station, named "Cais do Sodré". When the three arrive at the STK station, Kimberly says: "Let's go to the city of Barcelona, our destination". And with the tickets, they enter in the STK station again, hidden in a normal subway elevator. Once again in a train, they arrive at the station "Barcelona | Plaça de Catalunya", and with the passages they also access into the street. They are in the center of the city, but this city is very big and they don't know where Admiral 21 or his friends live. Karla proposes to do a triple mind meld, and they have a vision of a route the team must follow. In a bus stop, they take a bus with their eyes closed, only with the image in mind of a route they have to follow. Barcelona's money is also Euro, but the banknotes are different than in Teremedó. However, they have similar coins, and they pay with Teremedó coins without the driver perceiving that these coins are not from Earth. The route leads them to a bus stop where they have to go down. When they get off the bus, they open their eyes, but they don't know where they are. Kimberly tells the others: "Now what?" but suddenly they find a house. Karla says: "Does Admiral 21 live here?" and Kimberly has a vision that indicates a house…

Kimberly says: "It's there". They enter the house, and again with their eyes closed to the floor indicating the vision. And there, Kimberly proposes to knock at the door and the others agree. At the door, a woman asks the three: "Can I help you?" in a language that resembles that of Bàrcinon but is a little different. Kimberly wants to say something, but then Regent Andrea Campos appears and introduces herself to the team, and tells her mother that they're his friends. The mother says that if they need her, she'll be home. Andrea says she doesn't need anything at the moment. The four take the elevator, and Kimberly says: "We know your intentions!". Andrea tells Karla's boyfriend that he has to go back to Teremedó, because she wants to talk only with the girls. And before he could defend the girls, Andrea teleports the boy to his home in Bàrcinon. Andrea says: "You're too intelligent, but I'm much smarter, for the moment, I have to enter in your mind, I'll do it anyway!" Kimberly and Karla resist, but Andrea uses an object and the two girls can't move, they can only move their head. Andrea makes a mind meld with Karla, and Karla remains unconscious. Kimberly doesn't know what she can do, but Andrea also makes a mind meld with Kimberly and she also loses consciousness. Andrea plays a combination of buttons on the elevator and elevator goes to a secret area of the building. There she places the Duver§a sisters in tubes, closes them and the two girls disappear. And in Bàrcinon, all the memories of the Duver§a sisters in their parents and in Karla's boyfriend disappear, as if they had never existed…

8 (16): Earth, Part II

Regent Andrea catches Kimberly and Karla, and places them unconscious in cryotubes of ecstasy. It's discovered that Mirror Universe's Jordy works on her side, but she betrays him and puts him unconscious in a cryotube, and reveals that he's planning to make a fusion of his body with the body of Prime Universe's Jordy. In a sphere of transport, Yusma and İhi Kadse want to stop Andrea, but fail and are also captured. Andrea tries to change history, because he works for someone unknown. Jordy faces Andrea, but is defeated by her and dies. Andrea merges the two Jordys successfully, and then kills him.

Andrea sends Mirror Universe's İhi Kadse back in time where she begins to live a life under the name Lola and as with a family of Argentina. The years spend, and Admiral 19 falls in love with her, and he falls especially when he ends his relationship with Prime Universe's İhi Kadse. Then she erases the memory to all the Teremedosians about Duver§a sisters, and sends Kimberly and Karla also back in time, in 2013, in the church where Kirannis (the Golden Creation) goes, where everyone in the church believe that the sisters are there and have always been in the church. The Duver§a sisters have an accent like the Dominican Republic, and although they still have their original names have different lives and parents, as if they were humans.

At the end of the series, someone unknown with the form of a silhouette talk with Andrea, and he says they'll see very soon, and Andrea tells him she wants to see him. The man seen as the silhouette says: "Don't tell me that you miss me!" and Andrea says: "We must be professionals, and don't be so vain!". The silhouette says: "I think you don't know that your loyalty to us is based on the the same thing which our loyalty to you is based, humans". Andrea responds: "Terran, Owner of the Innocences" marking an alliance between Regent Andrea Campos of Mirror Universe and the enigmatic Owner of the Innocences.