Mila and Melina are the main characters in the third and fourth seasons of the series Special Sisters, also named Kosas da §ermanas (Teremedó) or Coisas de irmãs (Portugal), created by Dýmapko. They are from Earth.


She's one of the new main characters of the third season. She lives in a house with Admiral of Earth, Josep Maria 22. She has five sisters and a brother, but when she was young, her father disappeared and some unknown entities in collaboration with the mirror universe kidnapped her five sisters, and her brother escaped. Then these entities used perception filters with Milagros, her brother and her mother, and with these filters the five sisters kidnapped "disappear", and everybody will forget them and they won't be investigated. But Mila's mother is very clever and didn't forget her five daughters, since her maternal love is stronger than the perception filters. Therefore, the entities make that Mila's mother seems crazy and anybody want to listen her. She is 30 years old when the series begins.


She's the other new protagonist of the third season. "Melina" is a false name, her real name is unknown. She's the youngest of Mila's sisters. She's one of the five kidnapped sisters, but until now we only know the Mirror Universe version of her. She does a theater activity in a civic centre, and belongs to the same entity than 22's and Mila's house. 22's objective is to save Melina's double and Mila's other four kidnapped sisters.

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