Special Sisters

Special Sisters.

Special Sisters (in Portuguese Coisas de Irmãs, in Catalan Coses de Germanes, in M2 Kosas da §ermanas) is a series created by Dýmapko which is about two sisters, Kimberly and Karla, from a Teremedosian city named Bàrcinon. Until now, he show has only two seasons of eight episodes each season. A third and a fourth season are planned to be released, introducing new characters. The main characters will be two new human sisters, Mila (Milagros) and Melina (false name), and the third season will premiere on September 2017.


  • Kimberly Duver§a: she's one of the two protagonists of the series. She is the oldest of two sisters. She studies at school Traball in Bàrcinon (Ketalània) in Teremedó near her sister. At school everyone thinks she and her sister are "special girls" and it isn't defined if they're teremedosians or humans. At the beginning of the series she's 17 years old.
  • Karla Duver§a: she's the other protagonist of the series. She is the youngest of two sisters. She studies at school Traball in Bàrcinon (Ketalània) in Teremedó, like his sister. At the beginning of the series she's 10 years old. Normally, at school she usually wears glasses.
  • Jordy Kúdigy: he's the owner of Hotel Kasa Tot of Bàrcinon, the most important hotel in the city with 111 floors. Jordy has a good relationship with the two girls, and they get along very well. Sometimes the two sisters go visit him, when they don't have to do anything.
  • Admiral Yusepy Maray #: he's a Federation Starfleet teremedosian officer, who normally visits his planet, Teremedó, with ship FEF 09.
  • Milagros: she's one of the new main characters of the third season. She's from Earth, and lives in a house with Admiral of Earth, Josep Maria 22. She has five sisters and a brother, but when she was young, her father disappeared and some unknown entities in collaboration with the mirror universe kidnapped her five sisters, and her brother escaped. Then these entities used perception filters with Milagros, her brother and her mother, and with these filters the five sisters kidnapped "disappear", and everybody will forget them and they won't be investigated. But Mila's mother is very clever and didn't forget her five daughters, since her maternal love is stronger than the perception filters. Therefore, the entities make that Mila's mother seems crazy and anybody want to listen her.
  • Melina: she's the other new protagonist of the third season. "Melina" is a false name, her real name is unknown. She's from Earth, and is the youngest of Mila's sisters. She's one of the five kidnapped sisters, but until now we only know the Mirror Universe version of her. She does a theater activity in a civic centre, and belongs to the same entity than 22's and Mila's house. 22's objective is to save Melina's double and Mila's other four kidnapped sisters.


Season 1

# Flag_EN.png English Flag_EN.png Flag_PT.png Portuguese Flag_PT.png Icon-M2.png M2 Icon-M2.png Release date
1 Two Special Girls Duas raparigas especiais 2’a noyas especials November 30th, 2014
Two girls sisters, Kimberly and Karla Duver§a are making a normal life, they go to school, have friends… Until one day, Kimberly's friends tell her that there will be an inauguration of a starship, and Karla wants to go. From this day, their lives change forever.
2 Visiting A Hotel Visita num hotel Visiṭa a 1 žṭel December 14th, 2014
Karla is accepted to go with Kimberly on a trip to the twin building of the school, the hotel Kasa Tot. When they arrive at the hotel after a trip with STK, the two girls know Jordy Kúdigy, responsible for the hotel. But Jordy reveals that he's also a Federation Starfleet officer that works also in the hotel and offers girls to join Federation Starfleet, but they rejected the offer saying that prefer to stay as simple citizens.
3 Great Joke Grande piada Ġran broma December 28th, 2014
On holidays and the snow-covered city, Karla makes a joke to Kimberly and Kimberly is covered with snow on the street. Kimberly decides to return the joke to Karla, and discover that on Earth on December 28th is a day where humans make jokes. Kimberly gets to think at a plan to take revenge on Karla, which consists of using a hologram and make Karla believe that the boy she is in love with him, is in danger and asks for help.
4 Follow Your Way Segue o teu jeito Saġeḣ le ṭeu §eyṭ January 11th, 2015
10 days after the release of the ship FEF 09, Kimberly and Karla go to the hotel Kasa Tot to talk with Jordy, but he isn't there. Kimberly then picks an object of the Federation Starfleet to become invisible and they enter in Jordy's office to investigate. They cross a portal and end up in a room with high-tech instruments. And Jordy is in this room that says this is highly secret and they can't tell anyone about this room. After Jordy explains to the girls that this room is a secret room belonging to the Federation Starfleet, and from here Jordy has control of several things, some with permission from the mayor of Bàrcinon, and from here he can also contact Earth. When they return home, the two girls go by metro, but the train remains stopped in the tunnel. Kimberly intends to ask the passengers for help and with telekinesis the train arrives at the next stop.
5 The Girl You Must Be A rapariga que tens de ser La noya ke ṭens ke sé January 25th, 2015
Since a girl told Kimberly that she's different and she isn't "the girl she must be" Kimberly and Karla decides to investigate about their past at City Hall to learn more about their origins.
6 Since You're Unique Já que és única P’eṭs ûnika February 8th, 2015
Karla has been in love with a boy of her class since she was a girl, and she manages to do a homework with this boy. During the work, he reveals that he also has feelings for her and decide to start a relationship as a couple, and Kimberly becomes jealous because she has never had a boyfriend, although she's older than Karla.
7 Do Whatever You Want Fazei o que quiserdes Ḟew lz ke vzlġew February 22nd, 2015
The girls see that teachers act in a strange way, they see that something happens with Jordy and begin to see strange things. So they decide to investigate what happens with adults, and discover that they're dealing with issues of the Federation Starfleet.
8 Are You Really You? Sois vós? ¿Sou vzsalṭras? March 0th, 2015
The girls discover the existence of a parallel universe called Mirror Universe, where everything is duplicated but with reverse personalities, and in that universe Teremedó was destroyed and there are only a few teremedosians who have survived, and Jordy explains that in this universe, humans are called Terrans and are under the command of a savage and sadistic empire. Jordy spend time in this universe, while is replaced by his double there. Admiral of Earth also speaks with the girls about his evil double in the Mirror Universe called Yusma.

Season 2

# Flag_EN.png English Flag_EN.png Flag_PT.png Portuguese Flag_PT.png Icon-M2.png M2 Icon-M2.png Release date
1 (9) Once Again In a Starship Mais uma vez numa nave estelar 1’alṭra kop n’1’a naw esṭellar July 26th, 2016
An officer of the Federation Starship who serves on the ship of Admiral of Earth comes to the house of the girls, and asks for their help saying that they're the only people who can help them. They go aboard the ship FEF 09, and Commander Pumiky and Lieutenant Commander Ann McGregor say they're concerned about the Admiral and a new threat: a very dangerous person from the Mirror Universe, the Regent Andrea Campos, is seeking revenge against Federation Starship. And as the Admiral is no longer with İhi Kadse, Kimberly is falling in love with him.
2 (10) The Objective of An Action O objectivo duma acção Ľzb§akṭiu ď1’a akció August 0th, 2016
Kimberly has been chosen to enter into a reality show, and will be in a house where cameras record everything that happens. Kimberly is very happy with this. Girls and Karla's boyfriend discovered a secret facilities of the Federation Starfleet in the mountains near Tarràkonon, where they enter without permission and discover things they shouldn't know.
3 (11) Three Entities and Their Owners Três entidades e os seus donos 3’a enṭiṭaṭs i les seus amzs August 14th, 2016
Inquiring further, the girls enter with tricks in the secret facilities of the Federation Starfleet and discover that there are three entities called "frequencies", "consciences" and "innocences" which are part of the origin of the universe. And these three entities have their own owners, important people in history who have the power to control part of space-time.
4 (12) The Trip A viagem Le viaḣa September 4th, 2016
While Kimberly goes on a trip with the team of the home of he reality TV to Parit (capital of "Frànnia"), Karla informs her sister that she'll also make a trip with her school course to Mardit (capital of "Espània") and then to Librit (capital of "Portugània").
5 (13) The Shit of the Ass A merda do cu La merda lad kul September 25th, 2016
Kimberly receives a call from an unknown source, and says that her director is a spy who is working to Yusma from Mirror Universe, and he's looking for her and her sister Karla. Meanwhile, in a secret place, the director contact Yusma and Yusma says he have to expel Kimberly from the reality show, and then says he has to do one more time a mental fusion with the Regent Andrea to get more information. Later at home, Kimberly is with her bags, and tells Karla that she has been out of reality TV project.
6 (14) Get Out of Here! Ide-vos embora! ¡Marḣew ďakí! October 16th, 2016
Jordy is expelled from the Federation Starfleet, but the girls had a mission to the secret facilities of the Federation Starfleet. There, the girls are trapped in a time bubble and the time is stopped. And they find another problem: their bodies are disappearing…
7 (15) Earth, Part I A Terra, Parte 1 La Ṭerra, parṭ 1 November 6th, 2016
After speaking with Admiral 21, the girls go to Earth because they have passages which allow them to take the STK trains and travel to Earth. After visiting Lisbon, the girls go to Barcelona, city of Admiral 21, but Regent Andrea is waiting for them…
8 (16) Earth, Part II A Terra, Parte 2 La Ṭerra, parṭ 2 November 27th, 2016
Regent Andrea catches Kimberly and Karla, and places them unconscious in cryotubes of ecstasy. It's discovered that Mirror Universe's Jordy works on her side, but she betrays him and puts him unconscious in a cryotube, and reveals that he's planning to make a fusion of his body with the body of Prime Universe's Jordy. In a sphere of transport, Yusma and İhi Kadse want to stop Andrea, but fail and are also captured. Andrea tries to change history, because he works for someone unknown. Jordy faces Andrea, but is defeated by her and dies. Andrea merges the two Jordys successfully, and then kills him. Andrea sends Mirror Universe's İhi Kadse back in time where she begins to live a life under the name Lola and as with a family of Argentina. The years spend, and Admiral 19 falls in love with her, and he falls especially when he ends his relationship with Prime Universe's İhi Kadse. Then she erases the memory to all the Teremedosians about Duver§a sisters, and sends Kimberly and Karla also back in time, in 2013, in the church where Kirannis (the Golden Creation) goes, where everyone in the church believe that the sisters are there and have always been in the church. The Duver§a sisters have an accent like the Dominican Republic, and although they still have their original names have different lives and parents, as if they were humans. At the end of the series, someone unknown with the form of a silhouette talk with Andrea, and he says they'll see very soon, and Andrea tells him she wants to see him and calls him "Owner of the Innocences" marking an alliance between Regent Andrea Campos of Mirror Universe and the enigmatic Owner of the Innocences.

Season 3

Coming soon…

Season 4

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