Special Sisters

Special Sisters.

Special Sisters (in Portuguese Coisas de Irmãs, in Catalan Coses de Germanes, in M2 Kosas da §ermanas) is a series created by Dýmapko which is about two sisters, Kimberly and Karla, from a Teremedosian city named Bàrcinon. He show has four seasons of eight episodes each season. The third season introduces new characters, now the main characters are two new human sisters: Mila (Milagros) and Melina (false name).


  • Kimberly Duver§a: she's one of the two protagonists of the series. She is the oldest of two sisters. She studies at school Traball in Bàrcinon (Ketalània) in Teremedó near her sister. At school everyone thinks she and her sister are "special girls" and it isn't defined if they're teremedosians or humans. At the beginning of the series she's 17 years old.
  • Karla Duver§a: she's the other protagonist of the series. She is the youngest of two sisters. She studies at school Traball in Bàrcinon (Ketalània) in Teremedó, like his sister. At the beginning of the series she's 10 years old. Normally, at school she usually wears glasses.
  • Jordy Kúdigy: he's the owner of Hotel Kasa Tot of Bàrcinon, the most important hotel in the city with 111 floors. Jordy has a good relationship with the two girls, and they get along very well. Sometimes the two sisters go visit him, when they don't have to do anything.
  • Admiral Yusepy Maray #: he's a Federation Starfleet teremedosian officer, who normally visits his planet, Teremedó, with ship FEF 09.
  • Regent Andrea: she's a Terran of the Mirror Universe who seeks revenge after being defeated by the Federation Starfleet, therefore tries to destroy everything that is related to the Federation Starfleet: its planets and its officers. She is responsible for the jihadist attacks on Earth and the destruction of the planets of the Federation Starfleet, a fact that causes Federation Starfleet to cease to exist. She's a sexual savage and bisexual, like all Terran girls, and often uses this quality with men.
  • Mila: she's one of the new main characters of the third season. She's from Earth, and lives in a house with Admiral of Earth, Josep Maria 22. She has five sisters and a brother, but when she was young, her father disappeared and some unknown entities in collaboration with the mirror universe kidnapped her five sisters, and her brother escaped. Then these entities used perception filters with Milagros, her brother and her mother, and with these filters the five sisters kidnapped "disappear", and everybody will forget them and they won't be investigated. But Mila's mother is very clever and didn't forget her five daughters, since her maternal love is stronger than the perception filters. Therefore, the entities make that Mila's mother seems crazy and anybody want to listen her.
  • Melina: she's the other new protagonist of the third season. "Melina" is a false name, her real name is unknown. She's from Earth, and is the youngest of Mila's sisters. She's one of the five kidnapped sisters, but until now we only know the Mirror Universe version of her. She does a theater activity in a civic center, and belongs to the same entity than 22's and Mila's house. 22's objective is to save Melina's counterpart and Mila's other four kidnapped sisters.
  • Jordi Alejos García: he's the enemy of Mila and hers family, the responsible for the kidnapping of Mila's sisters and who uses the technology of the perception filters to become a psychomorph.

Appearances of the characters
Character Seasons
1 2 3 4
Kimberly Duver§a Yes No
Karla Duver§a Yes No
Admiral Yusepy Maray # Yes
Mila No Yes
Melina No Yes
Jordy Kúdigy Yes No
Regent Andrea No Yes
Yusma Yes No
İhi Kadse Guest No Yes (Lola) No
0 Guest No Guest
Carla No Guest
Jordi Alejos García No Yes


Season 1 (2014-2015)

# Flag_EN.png English Flag_EN.png Flag_PT.png Portuguese Flag_PT.png Icon-M2.png M2 Icon-M2.png Release date
1 Two Special Girls Duas raparigas especiais 2’a noyas especials November 30th, 2014
Two girls sisters, Kimberly and Karla Duver§a are making a normal life, they go to school, have friends… Until one day, Kimberly's friends tell her that there will be an inauguration of a starship, and Karla wants to go. From this day, their lives change forever.
2 Visiting A Hotel Visita num hotel Visiṭa a 1 žṭel December 14th, 2014
Karla is accepted to go with Kimberly on a trip to the twin building of the school, the hotel Kasa Tot. When they arrive at the hotel after a trip with STK, the two girls know Jordy Kúdigy, responsible for the hotel. But Jordy reveals that he's also a Federation Starfleet officer that works also in the hotel and offers girls to join Federation Starfleet, but they rejected the offer saying that prefer to stay as simple citizens.
3 Great Joke Grande piada Ġran broma December 28th, 2014
On holidays and the snow-covered city, Karla makes a joke to Kimberly and Kimberly is covered with snow on the street. Kimberly decides to return the joke to Karla, and discover that on Earth on December 28th is a day where humans make jokes. Kimberly gets to think at a plan to take revenge on Karla, which consists of using a hologram and make Karla believe that the boy she is in love with him, is in danger and asks for help.
4 Follow Your Way Segue o teu jeito Saġeḣ le ṭeu §eyṭ January 11th, 2015
10 days after the release of the ship FEF 09, Kimberly and Karla go to the hotel Kasa Tot to talk with Jordy, but he isn't there. Kimberly then picks an object of the Federation Starfleet to become invisible and they enter in Jordy's office to investigate. They cross a portal and end up in a room with high-tech instruments. And Jordy is in this room that says this is highly secret and they can't tell anyone about this room. After Jordy explains to the girls that this room is a secret room belonging to the Federation Starfleet, and from here Jordy has control of several things, some with permission from the mayor of Bàrcinon, and from here he can also contact Earth. When they return home, the two girls go by metro, but the train remains stopped in the tunnel. Kimberly intends to ask the passengers for help and with telekinesis the train arrives at the next stop.
5 The Girl You Must Be A rapariga que tens de ser La noya ke ṭens ke sé January 25th, 2015
Since a girl told Kimberly that she's different and she isn't "the girl she must be" Kimberly and Karla decides to investigate about their past at City Hall to learn more about their origins.
6 Since You’re Unique Já que és única P’eṭs ûnika February 8th, 2015
Karla has been in love with a boy of her class since she was a girl, and she manages to do a homework with this boy. During the work, he reveals that he also has feelings for her and decide to start a relationship as a couple, and Kimberly becomes jealous because she has never had a boyfriend, although she's older than Karla.
7 Do Whatever You Want Fazei o que quiserdes Ḟew lz ke vzlġew February 22nd, 2015
The girls see that teachers act in a strange way, they see that something happens with Jordy and begin to see strange things. So they decide to investigate what happens with adults, and discover that they're dealing with issues of the Federation Starfleet.
8 Are You Really You? Sois vós? ¿Sou vzsalṭras? March 0th, 2015
The girls discover the existence of a parallel universe called Mirror Universe, where everything is duplicated but with reverse personalities, and in that universe Teremedó was destroyed and there are only a few teremedosians who have survived, and Jordy explains that in this universe, humans are called Terrans and are under the command of a savage and sadistic empire. Jordy spend time in this universe, while is replaced by his counterpart there. Admiral of Earth also speaks with the girls about his evil counterpart in the Mirror Universe called Yusma.

Season 2 (2016)

# Flag_EN.png English Flag_EN.png Flag_PT.png Portuguese Flag_PT.png Icon-M2.png M2 Icon-M2.png Release date
1 (9) Once Again In A Starship Mais uma vez numa nave estelar 1’alṭra kop n’1’a naw esṭellar July 26th, 2016
An officer of the Federation Starship who serves on the ship of Admiral of Earth comes to the house of the girls, and asks for their help saying that they're the only people who can help them. They go aboard the ship FEF 09, and Commander Pumiky and Lieutenant Commander Ann McGregor say they're concerned about the Admiral and a new threat: a very dangerous person from the Mirror Universe, the Regent Andrea Campos, is seeking revenge against Federation Starship. And as the Admiral is no longer with İhi Kadse, Kimberly is falling in love with him.
2 (10) The Objective Of An Action O objectivo duma acção Ľzb§akṭiu ď1’a akció August 0th, 2016
Kimberly has been chosen to enter into a reality show, and will be in a house where cameras record everything that happens. Kimberly is very happy with this. Girls and Karla's boyfriend discovered a secret facilities of the Federation Starfleet in the mountains near Tarràkonon, where they enter without permission and discover things they shouldn't know.
3 (11) Three Entities And Their Owners Três entidades e os seus donos 3’a enṭiṭaṭs i les seus amzs August 14th, 2016
Inquiring further, the girls enter with tricks in the secret facilities of the Federation Starfleet and discover that there are three entities called "frequencies", "consciences" and "innocences" which are part of the origin of the universe. And these three entities have their own owners, important people in history who have the power to control part of space-time.
4 (12) The Trip A viagem Le viaḣa September 4th, 2016
While Kimberly goes on a trip with the team of the home of he reality TV to Parit (capital of "Frànnia"), Karla informs her sister that she'll also make a trip with her school course to Mardit (capital of "Espània") and then to Librit (capital of "Portugània").
5 (13) The Shit Of The Ass A merda do cu La merda lad kul September 25th, 2016
Kimberly receives a call from an unknown source, and says that her director is a spy who is working to Yusma from Mirror Universe, and he's looking for her and her sister Karla. Meanwhile, in a secret place, the director contact Yusma and Yusma says he have to expel Kimberly from the reality show, and then says he has to do one more time a mental fusion with the Regent Andrea to get more information. Later at home, Kimberly is with her bags, and tells Karla that she has been out of reality TV project.
6 (14) Get Out Of Here! Ide-vos embora! ¡Marḣew ďakí! October 16th, 2016
Jordy is expelled from the Federation Starfleet, but the girls had a mission to the secret facilities of the Federation Starfleet. There, the girls are trapped in a time bubble and the time is stopped. And they find another problem: their bodies are disappearing…
7 (15) Earth, Part I A Terra, Parte 1 La Ṭerra, parṭ 1 November 6th, 2016
After speaking with Admiral 21, the girls go to Earth because they have passages which allow them to take the STK trains and travel to Earth. After visiting Lisbon, the girls go to Barcelona, city of Admiral 21, but Regent Andrea is waiting for them…
8 (16) Earth, Part II A Terra, Parte 2 La Ṭerra, parṭ 2 November 27th, 2016
Regent Andrea catches Kimberly and Karla, and places them unconscious in cryotubes of ecstasy. It's discovered that Mirror Universe's Jordy works on her side, but she betrays him and puts him unconscious in a cryotube, and reveals that he's planning to make a fusion of his body with the body of Prime Universe's Jordy. In a sphere of transport, Yusma and İhi Kadse want to stop Andrea, but fail and are also captured. Andrea tries to change history, because he works for someone unknown. Jordy faces Andrea, but is defeated by her and dies. Andrea merges the two Jordys successfully, and then kills him. Andrea sends Mirror Universe's İhi Kadse back in time where she begins to live a life under the name Lola and as with a family of Argentina. The years spend, and Admiral 19 falls in love with her, and he falls especially when he ends his relationship with Prime Universe's İhi Kadse. Then she erases the memory to all the Teremedosians about Duver§a sisters, and sends Kimberly and Karla also back in time, in 2013, in the church where Kirannis (the Golden Creation) goes, where everyone in the church believe that the sisters are there and have always been in the church. The Duver§a sisters have an accent like the Dominican Republic, and although they still have their original names have different lives and parents, as if they were humans. At the end of the season, someone unknown with the form of a silhouette talk with Andrea, and he says they'll see very soon, and Andrea tells him she wants to see him and calls him "Owner of the Innocences" marking an alliance between Regent Andrea Campos of Mirror Universe and the enigmatic Owner of the Innocences.

Season 3 (2017)

# Flag_EN.png English Flag_EN.png Flag_PT.png Portuguese Flag_PT.png Icon-M2.png M2 Icon-M2.png Release date
1 (17) Sisters At A Distance Irmãs a distância 2’a §ermanas separadas September 10th, 2017
A girl named Milagros (Mila) lives on Earth in a house where admiral Josep Maria 22 had lived. But what she doesn't know is that she has five sisters who were kidnapped by unknown entities who collaborated with the Mirror Universe and who used perception filters with Milagros, her brother and her mother, to prevent someone from remembering and looking for them. But Mila's mother is very intelligent and didn't forget her five daughters, since her motherly love is stronger than the filters. That is why the entities make the mother look crazy and nobody wants to listen to her. One of her sisters has a Mirror Universe counterpart who is hidden in a theater activity in a civic center and that pretends to be named “Melina”. One day, this “Melina” decides to attack Mila…
2 (18) All What Happened O que aconteceu Lz ke va passá September 24th, 2017
This episode explains the facts that happened since Mila was born to the present time, while the officers of the ship FEF 07 studied it.
3 (19) We’ll Stop You Anyway Parar-vos-emos seja como for Vzs pararem siġi kom siġi October 8th, 2017
4 months earlier, Yusma sent Mirror Universe's Mila to 22's apartment, replacing the true Mila. But 22 realized it. At the present time, the son of 0 and Carla, Franny, wants to know the double of his mother, the true Carla. That is why he teleports himself on Earth and meets her. But there is something that is not as it seems…
4 (20) The Problems Of An Investigation Os problemas duma investigação Les przblemas ď1’a invesṭiġació October 22nd, 2017
While 22's parents see a boy who resembles his son kissing Lola (İhi's counterpart from Mirror Universe), 22 goes to Mila's apartment to see her, but in fact he has planned to teleport Melina and Mila's mother in the apartment to talk with them.
5 (21) Melina’s Double O dobro da Melina Le dopla lada Mellina November 5th, 2017
The officers of the FEF 07 have planned to use a Romanian singer named Mădălina because she looks like Melina, and will use her to replace Melina. But Mădălina will give them more problems than help.
6 (22) The Mind Meld’s Secret O segredo da ligação Le sekreṭ da ľenyac November 19th, 2017
Since Mila did a Teremedosian mind meld with 0, the team of Jordi Alejos García wants the information of her brain. That is why they have created a simulation where they capture Mila, while in the real world, Mila's friends are looking for her and 22 sees that Mila's disappearance is not normal…
7 (23) Let’s Go! Vamos lá! ¡Anem-xi! December 3rd, 2017
22 and his crew make an alliance with Yusma and his wife, Lola (Mirror Universe's İhi). This alliance will serve to defeat Jordi Alejos García and Regent Andrea, who use Mila's five sisters to obtain psychomorphic powers. However, some entities also intervene and want to contact both 22's alliance and the team of Jordi Alejos García and Andrea, and they do so by taking control of the bodies of the kidnapped girls and a friend of Mila…
8 (24) You Must Act, Part I Tendes de actuar, Parte 1 Ṭeniw k’akṭuá, parṭ 1 December 17th, 2017
After a chase in Barcelona, the officers of the 07 take Mila and her mother to the ship 07 while they will be replaced by holograms on Earth, to avoid being attacked by Jordi Alejos García. Yusma erases Lola's memories of being İhi to save her, now she will be just Lola. After this, Yusma confronts Andrea and dies. Someone attacks the 07 and causes the holodeck to deactivate, therefore Carla realizes that she wasn't on Earth. Someone from Earth attacks the 07 and manages to deactivate the ship's shields, and then take Mila and her mother away. In the end, Andrea and Jordi Alejos Garcia come in contact with some aliens who want to talk with Donald Trump and want to open a fissure between the Earth's North Pole and the North Pole of an alien planet, while Robert tries to stop it…

Season 4 (2018)

# Flag_EN.png English Flag_EN.png Flag_PT.png Portuguese Flag_PT.png Icon-M2.png M2 Icon-M2.png Release date
1 (25) You Must Act, Part II Tendes de actuar, Parte 2 Ṭeniw k’akṭuá, parṭ 2 January 0th, 2018
Mila and her mother mysteriously awake in Bàrcinon, capital of the planet Teremedó, but achieve to go to the ship FEF 07 to go back to the Earth. They have to fix the problem of the aliens on Earth, and to do this they need Robert's help, who says them that they must go back in time and afterwards they must create an Earth simulation to take there the aliens that have invaded the Earth and have opened the fissure between both planets, using the technology of the transport balls from Mirror Universe, which consists in reducing what there is in its interior. Robert also says that Andrea, Jordi Alejos García, Yusma and Lola are immunized against time reversions, and since Yusma has died and Lola doesn't remember anything about when she was İhi, they two won't come back. Can they make the Earth return to normal?
2 (26) Children Must Grow As meninas têm de crescer Las nenas ṭenan ke kreḣa January 14th, 2018
Regent Andrea made an alliance with Melina, and decide that they no longer will need Jordi Alejos García. Therefore, Jordi Alejos García contacts with the officials of the ship FEF 07 and asks them to do a pact, and in order to show his good will, frees Mariana, one of Mila's kidnapped sisters. But Mariana and the other Mila's sisters still have the same age they had when they were kidnapped, that is to say, they still are children who must grow…
3 (27) For No Reason Porque sim Pe vuy January 28th, 2018
Mirror Universe's Mila and four girls from Yusma's former army make an alliance with the officers of the 07. One of these girls, Marta, is a traitor. To prove that Marta is on her side, Regent Andrea orders her an absurd mission: she must take a pistol from a police station and give it to Andrea. But when Marta gets her mission, Andrea kills her…
4 (28) Get Your Ass Mexe esse cu Mow le kul February 11th, 2018
Teremedó has suffered an attack caused by Regent Andrea. The FEF officers join forces with Robert to go to Andrea's burrow and stop her anyway. Meanwhile, Andrea is fooling Prime Universe's Mila by telling her that she'll participate in a new television series with famous actors.
5 (29) At Your Home Na vossa casa A kasa vosṭra February 25th, 2018
The FEF officials are preparing to get two of Mila's sisters back home. But the mission will be complicated when Regent Andrea puts a trap to the FEF officers to avoid their mission…
6 (30) Your Team A tua equipa La ṭewa ṭilda March 11th, 2018
The team of girls that Mila is leading isn't very united and begins to separate, since the girls want to live a normal life without Yusma and begin to abandon their revenge against Regent Andrea. Mirror Universe's Mila is staying alone… Meanwhile, Jordi Alejos García and his friends want to fight against Regent Andrea, and even though they manage to save four of the five kidnapped girls (the fifth is dead), Andrea kills Jordi Alejos García and his friends. Rescued girls can't return to Earth because they can't change Mila's life, so Adriana, Lucía and Mariana will live free in Bàrcinon while Melina's counterpart stays at 07 for now.
7 (31) The End of the Special Sisters, Part I O final das coisas de irmãs, Parte 1 Le ḟinal ladas kosas da §ermanas, parṭ 1 March 25th, 2018
Andrea kills Melina because she had betrayed her and helped her sister Mila, and now Andrea begins a relationship with Alxy Frankz. They both capture Mirror Universe's Mila and her partner, and kill them. But before dying, this Mila sends an encrypted code to 22. Prime Universe's Melina will live on Earth making the life of her dead double. Alxy Frankz has a machine that can turn a dead brain into data for a computer, and Andrea uses this machine to extract information from Mila's brain. In addition, Andrea teleports Mila to the Alxy Frankz's base, while a perception filter replaces her on Earth. Andrea sends an object disguised as the lost ship FEF 09 to Teremedó, and manages to kill Mila's three sisters. 22 gets angry, and Robert comes to 07 to help, since Andrea has also cheated on him with perception filters. He tells the officers of the ship 07 that he has a modified transport ball with his camera so he can travel in time and space. In the end, Andrea catches Mila and uses a code that has programmed in her brain with a mind meld. 22 receives a call from Mila asking her to save her, but when 22 teleports her to 07, Mila takes a gun, points it at her head, and shoots herself in the head. Robert says he can't do anything, and Mila is dead…
8 (32) The End of the Special Sisters, Part II O final das coisas de irmãs, Parte 2 Le ḟinal ladas kosas da §ermanas, parṭ 2 April 8th, 2018
Robert manages to resuscitate Mila, but gives his vital energy and will regenerate. But before regenerating, Robert appears invisible at Alxy Frankz's base and makes a Teremedosian mind meld to Andrea to erase any memories of Mila and her family. Andrea tries to stop him, but Robert goes away with his transport ball. Andrea kisses Alxy Frankz without knowing why… İn the transport ball, Robert travels back in time, but he can't hold on much longer, he presses some buttons of the ball and regenerates. The transport ball lands in a house from an unknown time, and Robert appears turned into a baby in a crib, with another family… At Alxy Frankz's base, iťs revealed that the kiss that Andrea has given to Alxy Frankz has been to apply the same hypnosis on him. 0 decodes the message that Mirror Universe's Mila had sent to 22: it comes from Robert, and says that the officers of the ship 07 must forget Mila and her family, since if they continue the mission, they'll put them in danger. 22 accepts and decides to finish the mission related to Mila and her family. At the end of the series, Panda gives a brief explanation of what will happen in the coming years: how they'll defeat Andrea and Alxy Frankz, and the prices that the officers of the ship 07 will have to pay in order to do it.

International titles


Flag_EN.png Special Sisters

Season 1

  1. Two Special Girls
  2. Visiting A Hotel
  3. Great Joke
  4. Follow Your Way
  5. The Girl You Must Be
  6. Since You’re Unique
  7. Do Whatever You Want
  8. Are You Really You?

Season 2

  1. Once Again İn A Starship
  2. The Objective Of An Action
  3. Three Entities And Their Owners
  4. The Trip
  5. The Shit Of The Ass
  6. Get Out Of Here!
  7. Earth, Part İ
  8. Earth, Part İİ

Season 3

  1. Sisters At A Distance
  2. All What Happened
  3. We’ll Stop You Anyway
  4. The Problems Of An İnvestigation
  5. Melina’s Double
  6. The Mind Melďs Secret
  7. Leťs Go!
  8. You Must Act, Part İ

Season 4

  1. You Must Act, Part İİ
  2. Children Must Grow
  3. For No Reason
  4. Get Your Ass
  5. At Your Home
  6. Your Team
  7. The End of the Special Sisters, Part İ
  8. The End of the Special Sisters, Part İİ


Icon-M2.png Kosas da §ermanas

Ṭempzrada 1

  1. 2’a noyas especials
  2. Visiṭa a 1 žṭel
  3. Ġran broma
  4. Saġeḣ le ṭeu §eyṭ
  5. La noya ke ṭens ke sé
  6. P’eṭs ûnika
  7. Ḟew lz ke vzlġew
  8. ¿Sou vzsalṭras?

Ṭempzrada 2

  1. 1’alṭra kop n’1’a naw esṭellar
  2. Ľzb§akṭiu ď1’a akció
  3. 3’a enṭiṭaṭs i les seus amzs
  4. Le viaḣa
  5. La merda lad kul
  6. ¡Marḣew ďakí!
  7. La Ṭerra, parṭ 1
  8. La Ṭerra, parṭ 2

Ṭempzrada 3

  1. 2’a §ermanas separadas
  2. Lz ke va passá
  3. Vzs pararem siġi kom siġi
  4. Les przblemas ď1’a invesṭiġació
  5. Le dopla lada Mellina
  6. Le sekreṭ da ľenyac
  7. ¡Anem-xi!
  8. Ṭeniw k’akṭuá, parṭ 1

Ṭempzrada 4

  1. Ṭeniw k’akṭuá, parṭ 2
  2. Las nenas ṭenan ke kreḣa
  3. Pe vuy
  4. Mow le kul
  5. A kasa vosṭra
  6. La ṭewa ṭilda
  7. Le ḟinal ladas kosas da §ermanas, parṭ 1
  8. Le ḟinal ladas kosas da §ermanas, parṭ 2


Flag_CA.png Coses de germanes

Temporada 1

  1. Dues noies especials
  2. Visita a un hotel
  3. Gran broma
  4. Segueix la teva manera
  5. La noia que has de ser
  6. Ja que ets única
  7. Feu el que vulgueu
  8. Sou vosaltres?

Temporada 2

  1. Un altre cop en una nau esteŀlar
  2. Ľobjectiu ďuna acció
  3. Tres entitats i els seus amos
  4. El viatge
  5. La merda del cul
  6. Toqueu el dos!
  7. La Terra, 1a Part
  8. La Terra, 2a Part

Temporada 3

  1. Germanes a distància
  2. El que va passar
  3. Us aturarem sigui com sigui
  4. Els problemes ďuna investigació
  5. El doble de la Meŀlina
  6. El secret de ľenllaç
  7. Som-hi!
  8. Heu ďactuar, 1a Part

Temporada 4

  1. Heu ďactuar, 2a Part
  2. Les nenes han de créixer
  3. Perquè sí
  4. Mou el cul
  5. A casa vostra
  6. El teu equip
  7. El final de les coses de germanes, 1a Part
  8. El final de les coses de germanes, 2a Part


Flag_ES.png Cosas de hermanas

Temporada 1

  1. Dos chicas especiales
  2. Visita en un hotel
  3. Gran broma
  4. Sigue tu modo
  5. La chica que tienes que ser
  6. Ya que eres única
  7. Haced lo que quisiereis
  8. ¿Sois vosotros?

Temporada 2

  1. Una vez más en una nave estelar
  2. El objetivo de una acción
  3. Tres entidades y sus dueños
  4. El viaje
  5. La mierda del culo
  6. ¡Largaos de aquí!
  7. La Tierra, Parte 1
  8. La Tierra, Parte 2

Temporada 3

  1. Hermanas a distancia
  2. Lo que sucedió
  3. Os pararemos sea como fuere
  4. Los problemas de una investigación
  5. El doble de Melina
  6. El secreto del enlace
  7. ¡Manos a la obra!
  8. Tenéis que actuar, Parte 1

Temporada 4

  1. Tenéis que actuar, Parte 2
  2. Las niñas tienen que crecer
  3. Porque sí
  4. Mueve el culo
  5. En vuestra casa
  6. Tu equipo
  7. El fin de las cosas de hermanas, Parte 1
  8. El fin de las cosas de hermanas, Parte 2


Flag_FR.png Choses de sœurs

Saison 1

  1. Deux filles spéciales
  2. Visite dans un hôtel
  3. Grand plaisanterie
  4. Suis ta façon
  5. La fille que tu dois être
  6. Puisque tu es unique
  7. Faites ce que vous vouliez
  8. C’est vous?

Saison 2

  1. Une fois de plus sur un vaisseau stellaire
  2. Ľobjectif ďune action
  3. Trois établissements et leurs propriétaires
  4. Le voyage
  5. La merde du cul
  6. Partez ďici!
  7. La Terre, 1ère Partie
  8. La Terre, 2ème Partie

Saison 3

  1. Sœurs à distance
  2. Ce qu’il est arrivé
  3. Nous vous arrêterons quoi qu’il en soit
  4. Les problèmes ďune recherche
  5. Le double de Melina
  6. Le secret du lien
  7. İl est temps ďen finir!
  8. Vous devez agir, 1ère Partie

Saison 4

  1. Vous devez agir, 2ème Partie
  2. Les enfants doivent grandir
  3. Pour le plaisir
  4. Bouge ton cul
  5. À votre maison
  6. Ton équipe
  7. La fin des choses de sœurs, 1ère Partie
  8. La fin des choses de sœurs, 2ème Partie


Flag_GL.png Cousas de irmás

Tempada 1

  1. Dúas raparigas especiais
  2. Visita nun hotel
  3. Grande broma
  4. Segue o teu xeito
  5. A rapariga que tes que ser
  6. Xa que es única
  7. Facede o que quixerdes
  8. Sodes vós?

Tempada 2

  1. Unha vez máis nunha nave estelar
  2. O obxectivo dunha acción
  3. Tres entidades e os seus donos
  4. A viaxe
  5. A merda do cu
  6. Liscade de aquí!
  7. A Terra, Parte 1
  8. A Terra, Parte 2

Tempada 3

  1. İrmás a distancia
  2. O que sucedeu
  3. Pararémosvos sexa como for
  4. Os problemas dunha investigación
  5. O dobre de Melina
  6. O segredo da ligazón
  7. Ao choio!
  8. Tedes que actuar, Parte 1

Tempada 4

  1. Tedes que actuar, Parte 2
  2. As nenas teñen que crecer
  3. Porque si
  4. Move o cu
  5. Na vosa casa
  6. O teu equipo
  7. O fin das cousas de irmás, Parte 1
  8. O fin das cousas de irmás, Parte 2


Flag_IT.png Cose di sorelle

Stagione 1

  1. Due ragazze speciali
  2. Visita in un otele
  3. Grande scherzo
  4. Segui il tuo modo
  5. La ragazza che devi essere
  6. Poiché sei unica
  7. Fate quello che vogliate
  8. Siete voi?

Stagione 2

  1. Ancora una volta in un’astronave
  2. Ľobiettivo di un’azione
  3. Tre entità e i loro proprietari
  4. İl viaggio
  5. La merda del culo
  6. Andate via da qui!
  7. La Terra, Parte 1
  8. La Terra, Parte 2

Stagione 3

  1. Sorelle a distanza
  2. Quello che è successo
  3. Vi fermeremo ad ogni modo
  4. İ problemi di una ricerca
  5. İl doppio di Melina
  6. İl segreto del collegamento
  7. Andiamo!
  8. Dovete agire, Parte 1

Stagione 4

  1. Dovete agire, Parte 2
  2. Le bambine devono crescere
  3. Perché sì
  4. Muovi il culo
  5. A casa vostra
  6. La tua squadra
  7. La fine delle cose di sorelle, Parte 1
  8. La fine delle cose di sorelle, Parte 2


Icon-Moldovan.png Лукруриле сурорилор

Сезонул 1

  1. Доуэ фете спечиале
  2. Визитэ ынтр-ун хотел
  3. О маре глумэ
  4. Урмязэ-ць фелул
  5. О фатэ аша кум требуе сэ фие
  6. Фийндкэ ешть уникэ
  7. Фачець чея че дориць
  8. Сунтець вой?

Сезонул 2

  1. Ынкэ о датэ ынтр-о навэ стеларэ
  2. Обьективул уней акциунь
  3. Трей ентитэць ши проприетарий ачестора
  4. Кэлэтория
  5. Кыкатул курулуй
  6. Плекаць де аичь!
  7. Пэмынтул, парте 1
  8. Пэмынтул, парте 2

Сезонул 3

  1. Доуэ сурорь сепарате
  2. Тот че с-а ынтымплат
  3. Вэ вом опри орикум
  4. Проблемеле уней инвестигаций
  5. Дублул Мелиней
  6. Секретул легэтурий
  7. Хай сэ мерӂем!
  8. Требуе сэ акционаць, парте 1

Сезонул 4

  1. Требуе сэ акционаць, парте 2
  2. Копилеле требуе сэ креаскэ
  3. Фэрэ ничун мотив
  4. Мишкэ-ць фундул
  5. Ын каса воастрэ
  6. Групул тэу
  7. Сфыршитул лукрурилор сурорилор, парте 1
  8. Сфыршитул лукрурилор сурорилор, парте 2


Flag_OC.png Causas de sòrs

Sason 1

  1. Doas gojatas especialas
  2. Visita dins un otèl
  3. Grand badinada
  4. Seguís la tiá manièra
  5. La gojata que te cal èsser
  6. Doncas qu’ès unica
  7. Fasètz çò que volgatz
  8. Sètz vosautres?

Sason 2

  1. Un autre còp sus una nau estelara
  2. Ľobjectiu ďuna accion
  3. Tres entitats e lors proprietaris
  4. Lo viatge
  5. La mèrda del cu
  6. Partissètz ďaicí!
  7. La Tèrra, Part 1
  8. La Tèrra, Part 2

Sason 3

  1. Sòrs a distància
  2. Çò que succediguèt
  3. Vos pararem siá coma siá
  4. Los problèmas ďuna investigacion
  5. Lo doble de Melina
  6. Lo secrèt del ligam
  7. Anem òc!
  8. Vos cal agir, Part 1

Sason 4

  1. Vos cal agir, Part 2
  2. Las mainadas devon créisher
  3. Pr’amor que vòli
  4. Mòu lo cu
  5. En cò vòstre
  6. La tiá equipa
  7. La fin de las causas de sòrs, Part 1
  8. La fin de las causas de sòrs, Part 2


Flag_PT.png Coisas de irmãs

Temporada 1

  1. Duas raparigas especiais
  2. Visita num hotel
  3. Grande piada
  4. Segue o teu jeito
  5. A rapariga que tens de ser
  6. Já que és única
  7. Fazei o que quiserdes
  8. Sois vós?

Temporada 2

  1. Mais uma vez numa nave estelar
  2. O objectivo duma acção
  3. Três entidades e os seus donos
  4. A viagem
  5. A merda do cu
  6. İde-vos embora!
  7. A Terra, Parte 1
  8. A Terra, Parte 2

Temporada 3

  1. İrmãs a distância
  2. O que aconteceu
  3. Parar-vos-emos seja como for
  4. Os problemas duma investigação
  5. O dobro da Melina
  6. O segredo da ligação
  7. Vamos lá!
  8. Tendes de actuar, Parte 1

Temporada 4

  1. Tendes de actuar, Parte 2
  2. As meninas têm de crescer
  3. Porque sim
  4. Mexe esse cu
  5. Na vossa casa
  6. A tua equipa
  7. O final das coisas de irmãs, Parte 1
  8. O final das coisas de irmãs, Parte 2

Português do Brasil

Flag_BR.png Coisas de İrmãs

Temporada 1

  1. Duas garotas especiais
  2. Visita em um hotel
  3. Grande broma
  4. Siga seu jeito
  5. A garota que você tem que ser
  6. Pois você é única
  7. Façam o que quiserem
  8. São vocês?

Temporada 2

  1. Mais uma vez em uma espaçonave
  2. O objetivo de uma ação
  3. Três entidades e seus donos
  4. A viagem
  5. A merda do cu
  6. Saiam daqui!
  7. A Terra, Parte 1
  8. A Terra, Parte 2

Temporada 3

  1. İrmãs a distância
  2. O que aconteceu
  3. Nós pararemos vocês seja como for
  4. Os problemas de uma investigação
  5. O duplo de Melina
  6. O segredo da ligação
  7. Vamos lá!
  8. Vocês têm que atuar, Parte 1

Temporada 4

  1. Vocês têm que atuar, Parte 2
  2. As meninas têm que crescer
  3. Porque sim
  4. Mexa sua bunda
  5. Em casa de vocês
  6. Sua equipe
  7. O fim das coisas de irmãs, Parte 1
  8. O fim das coisas de irmãs, Parte 2


Flag_RO.png Lucrurile surorilor

Sezonul 1

  1. Două fete speciale
  2. Vizită într-un hotel
  3. O mare glumă
  4. Urmează-ţi felul
  5. O fată aşa cum trebuie să fie
  6. Fiindcă eşti unică
  7. Faceţi ceea ce doriţi
  8. Sunteţi voi?

Sezonul 2

  1. Încă o dată într-o navă stelară
  2. Obiectivul unei acţiuni
  3. Trei entităţi şi proprietarii acestora
  4. Călătoria
  5. Câcatul curului
  6. Plecaţi de aici!
  7. Pământul, parte 1
  8. Pământul, parte 2

Sezonul 3

  1. Două surori separate
  2. Tot ce s-a întâmplat
  3. Vă vom opri oricum
  4. Problemele unei investigaţii
  5. Dublul Melinei
  6. Secretul legăturii
  7. Hai să mergem!
  8. Trebuie să acţionaţi, parte 1

Sezonul 4

  1. Trebuie să acţionaţi, parte 2
  2. Copilele trebuie să crească
  3. Fără niciun motiv
  4. Mişcă-ţi fundul
  5. În casa voastră
  6. Grupul tău
  7. Sfârşitul lucrurilor surorilor, parte 1
  8. Sfârşitul lucrurilor surorilor, parte 2


Flag_RU.png Вещи сестёр

Сезон 1

  1. Две особенные девушки
  2. Визит в гостинице
  3. Большая шутка
  4. Следуйте своим способом
  5. Девушка, которой ты должна быть
  6. Так как ты единственная
  7. Сделайте то, что вы хотите
  8. Это вы?

Сезон 2

  1. Ещё раз в звёздном корабле
  2. Цель действия
  3. Три организации и их владельцы
  4. Путешествие
  5. Дерьмо зада
  6. Валите отсюда!
  7. Земля, Часть 1
  8. Земля, Часть 2

Сезон 3

  1. Сестры на расстоянии
  2. Всё, что произошло
  3. Мы остановим вас как бы то ни было
  4. Проблемы исследования
  5. Двойник Мелины
  6. Секрет соединения
  7. За работу!
  8. Вы должны действовать, Часть 1

Сезон 4

  1. Вы должны действовать, Часть 2
  2. Девочки должны расти
  3. Просто так
  4. Шевели задницей
  5. В вашем доме
  6. Твоя команда
  7. Конец вещей сестёр, Часть 1
  8. Конец вещей сестёр, Часть 2


Flag_SR.png Ствари сестара

Сезона 1

  1. Две специјалне девојчице
  2. Посета у хотелу
  3. Велика шала
  4. Пратите свој манир
  5. Девојчица која мораш да си
  6. Јер си јединствена
  7. Урадите све што желите
  8. Да ли сте стварно ви?

Сезона 2

  1. Још једном у звезданом броду
  2. Циљ акције
  3. Три ентитета и њихови власници
  4. Путовање
  5. Срање из дупета
  6. Изађите одавде!
  7. Земља, део 1
  8. Земља, део 2

Сезона 3

  1. Сестре на даљину
  2. Све што се догодило
  3. Зауставићемо вас у сваком случају
  4. Проблеми истраживања
  5. Мелинин дупликат
  6. Тајна везе
  7. Идемо!
  8. Морате да се понашате, део 1

Сезона 4

  1. Морате да се понашате, део 2
  2. Деца морају да расте
  3. Само зато што
  4. Помери задњицу
  5. У вашем дому
  6. Твоја екипа
  7. Крај ствари сестара, део 1
  8. Крај ствари сестара, део 2


Flag_SR.png Stvari sestara

Sezona 1

  1. Dve specijalne devojčice
  2. Poseta u hotelu
  3. Velika šala
  4. Pratite svoj manir
  5. Devojčica koja moraš da si
  6. Jer si jedinstvena
  7. Uradite sve što želite
  8. Da li ste stvarno vi?

Sezona 2

  1. Još jednom u zvezdanom brodu
  2. Cilj akcije
  3. Tri entiteta i njihovi vlasnici
  4. Putovanje
  5. Sranje iz dupeta
  6. İzađite odavde!
  7. Zemlja, deo 1
  8. Zemlja, deo 2

Sezona 3

  1. Sestre na daljinu
  2. Sve što se dogodilo
  3. Zaustavićemo vas u svakom slučaju
  4. Problemi istraživanja
  5. Melinin duplikat
  6. Tajna veze
  7. İdemo!
  8. Morate da se ponašate, deo 1

Sezona 4

  1. Morate da se ponašate, deo 2
  2. Deca moraju da raste
  3. Samo zato što
  4. Pomeri zadnjicu
  5. U vašem domu
  6. Tvoja ekipa
  7. Kraj stvari sestara, deo 1
  8. Kraj stvari sestara, deo 2


Flag_VAL.png Coses de germanes

Temporada 1

  1. Dos chiques especials
  2. Visita en un hotel
  3. Gran broma
  4. Seguix la tua manera
  5. La chica que tens que ser
  6. Ya que eres única
  7. Feu lo que volerdes
  8. ¿Sou vosatros?

Temporada 2

  1. Una volta més en una nau estelar
  2. Ľobjectiu ďuna acció
  3. Tres entitats i els seus amos
  4. El viage
  5. La merda del cul
  6. ¡Aneu-vos ďací!
  7. La Terra, Part 1
  8. La Terra, Part 2

Temporada 3

  1. Germanes a distància
  2. Lo que succeí
  3. Vos pararem siga com for
  4. Els problemes ďuna investigació
  5. El doble de Melina
  6. El secret de ľenllaç
  7. ¡Mà a ľobra!
  8. Teniu que actuar, Part 1

Temporada 4

  1. Teniu que actuar, Part 2
  2. Les chiquetes tenen que créixer
  3. Perque sí
  4. Mou el cul
  5. En la vostra casa
  6. El teu equip
  7. El fi de les coses de germanes, Part 1
  8. El fi de les coses de germanes, Part 2